You learn from amazing thought-leaders in the fields of yoga, metaphysics, and wellness. In this training, you’ll discover:

- 1 -

More ways Yoga Creates Vibrant Living

Including how to tap into your strong core, make decisions with confidence, and restore balance through stillness  

- 2 -

The Secrets to Shine as a Spiritual Being

So that your awareness, intuition, and actions can amplify your personal vision.

- 3 -

Ways Energy Medicine can Enhance your Health

And how this same energy can be used create a future you love (without fear, tension or fatigue)

- 4 -

How to Unlock Ancient Wisdom

So that you can walk through your life with poise and clarity (just like yogis did long ago).


Enroll for just $29, and discover how to awaken your infinite potential now!

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Tap into your Infinite Potential today!  

You know that your yoga teacher training program barely scratched the surface of how the practice can powerfully transform your life! The concept of energy is huge! And the ways it can be used to shape your life for the better just can’t be covered in such a short period of time.  

Maybe those big thoughts cause you to feel overwhelmed at how much there is to learn.  

Or, often you don’t know where to even start looking to get the info you seek!  

Yet when you deliberately take steps to keep learning, you gain traction on your own yoga journey. You also gain incredible confidence to share yoga concepts with your students and you have more powerful tools to create the life of your dreams.  

This workshop is an invitation to do this right now!  


  • Totally confident in your understanding of energy, and how you can harness it for improved health, emotional balance, and business success.  
  • Unburdened by stress, since you’ll have numerous tools to offset any challenges or dis-ease  
  • Committed to your own personal vision, and ready to embrace your greatness right now! Plus, you'll be  
  • Eager to share this information with your students (and inspire them to more clarity in their lives, too!)  

A Note from Kym

The day I realized I didn’t have to know everything to be a good teacher gave me immense freedom and confidence to show up authentically.  

Now, after a decade of teaching, attending multiple trainings myself, and working with thousands of students, I realize that my potential grows with each opportunity I take to learn.  

I’m obsessed with growth. It’s in my DNA!  

Here’s the good thing for you … I’ve interviewed some of the most incredible thought-leaders in the industry and am bringing them right to you in this training.  

This saves you time and energy finding trusted sources from which to gain more mastery yourself. And the wisdom shared will help you avoid many pitfalls made my yogis (in business and life alike).  

PLUS, I know that implementation on such knowledge is really the key to success, which is why I added worksheets and journal questions to accompany each interview. This way you can internalize your knowledge for lasting, positive change!  

I just know you will enjoy Awakening to your incredible potential as much as I do!  

I can’t wait to see you in the workshop! Kym  

Kym Coco Swagtail Yoga

Enroll for just $29 now, and discover how to awaken your infinite potential now!



You can begin now and go at your own Pace! Plus, you get Lifetime Access! All for just $29!