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Successful businesses are often founded on the giving and receiving of authentic energy, and at Swagtail, we deeply appreciate the wonderful professionals with whom we get to work daily. Just like a book has an acknowledgments section, we wanted a special place to say ‘THANK YOU!” It’s because of fabulous people like you that we continue to evolve not just the yoga community, but uplift the world as a whole.

Kristen Bor – Blog Coach
Stephen Thompson – Consultant
Diane Clifford – Photographer
Buck Lewis – Studio Owner/Instructor
Christina Riardin – Yoga Instructor/Trainer
Swagtail yoga Thank you Nicole Shahida
Nicole Shahida – Yoga Instructor


Swagtail works with brands and retreat destinations to showcase amazing yoga information and experiences.  Kym Coco is also available for yoga business consulting, teacher mentoring, and freelance writing opportunities. Click here to find out how we can best work together.

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