Freedom is a topic I’ve been obsessed with lately. Freedom is the state of inner alignment that leads to greater physical health and mental clarity. While this is your true nature, it often gets clouded by worry, fear, and the chaotic circumstances of the world. That’s why we created the 3H Project where you can tap back into the inner calm within you–one that knows you are always in control of your own life and gives you the power to create a future you desire.

I appreciate this freedom in many ways.

A huge aspect of this is due to the fact I was born in the United States. Here I’m able to have free speech, where I can express my opinion without fear of being imprisoned. And I have access to an immense amount of information and can use critical thinking to come to my own conclusions about life. Plus, I have the freedom to bear arms and protect my family as needed (among many other freedoms spelled out in our Constitution).

Beyond that, though, I’m able to express freedom in every choice I make throughout the day. I decide what to wear, where to shop, and how to utilize my attention. This freedom also includes whether I choose to be satisfied or frustrated.

Now freedom is a hot topic especially in election years. Instead of worrying about circumstances beyond my control (like the future of our country), I created the 3H Project to focus on those areas I can. This 30-Day program refines the mind and creates an inner calm via meditation. Keep reading to get all of the juicy details!

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Freedom, in the most basic sense, is the absence of constraint. You’re not held back by someone else’s thoughts or actions. Nor are you limited by environmental factors like COVID-19 or civil unrest.

Freedom returns power to your hands because you have the ability to make choices for yourself. You set the course for your life–you’re the architect of your future. This is why the United States fought to be an independent nation back in the late 1700’s. And it’s why so many people worldwide flock to our country to this day.

Freedom is also the absence of resistance.

What do I mean by this?

Resistance is the need to push against the people, opinions, and circumstances that are contrary to that future you seek. Think of it like eating dinner at a buffet. There are lots of options from which to select your meal. Some foods will appeal to your appetite. Others will not.

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Yet you have the freedom to choose what ends up on your plate and in your mouth. You don’t have to get angry that unwanted foods were in your presence. They might have been delightful for someone else.

The same is true in your everyday life as well. You encounter situations you like, and those you don’t. People you enjoy; others you don’t.

Freedom is the mindset that doesn’t fight contrast. It’s when you’re able to remain in alignment–knowing your true nature and your purpose for being here–amidst any conditions outside of yourself. A movement-based yoga practice teaches this alignment. And meditation in the 3H Project does, too.


There are many benefits when you tap the freedom that’s all around you now. This includes:

  • More balance in life
  • A boost to your creativity
  • Greater connection with others
  • Increased self-trust
  • More clarity to navigate challenges
  • Improved focus
  • Higher energy levels
  • Better physical health
  • More inspired ideas about how to take action, and
  • Greater satisfaction in life as a whole

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If freedom is your true nature, then why would you need a program that helps you tap back into it? In today’s fast-paced world, this stillness is often overlooked. With uncertainty looming in your environment, your anxiety levels can skyrocket as well. Even the constant stream of negative news can shift your attention away from freedom and into one of fear.

That’s why the 3H Project is so valuable.

This 30-day program teaches you how to meditate, reduce stress, and take back control of your own life again.

On a simple level, meditation is a time-out from your regular routine. It’s the space you carve out for some peace and quiet. And in this space, you can relax the body while keeping the mind awake. This occurs because you start to literally change your brain-wave states.

As these alterations take place in the brain, you experience a calmer, more alert state of being. You also release old habits and become the best version of yourself. Said another way, you tap into more freedom in the body, mind, and spirit.


The 3H Project is a 30-day program that you can start any time. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Commit to a daily meditation practice

When you commit to practice meditation daily, you’re learning a new skill. The repetition of that skill is what helps you internalize more coherent heart waves and brain patterns.

In the 3H Project, you’ll be guided in these 15-minute segments each day. And you’ll be able to easily follow along with the breathing exercises and visualization activities from the comfort of your home.

You can start with our 5-day free trial or jump right in and join the entire program. In any case, you’re making the decision to take charge of your life. You’re making a choice for freedom and in doing so, you’re letting go of the resistance that’s holding you back from reaching your dreams.

Step 2: Transfer your Knowledge to Everyday Life

The best part of meditation is that it gives you the clarity and wisdom to make better decisions in all areas of your life. This starts by actually taking what you learn in the quiet moments of meditation and transfer that learning into real-life situations.

For example, on the first day of the 3H Project, you learn how to observe your natural breathing patterns. This gives you a point on which to focus during the practice. It also offers you the opportunity to explore how you breathe throughout the day.

Instead of letting your mind wander as you maneuver through morning traffic, you might observe your inhale and exhale more vividly. The same is true when you wait in line at the store, interview a new client, or watch T.V.. The feedback you get outside of the 15-minute meditations can often be more valuable as you begin to improve your focus in the 3H Project.

Step 3: Embrace more freedom and focus

The positive results you can experience as a result of the 3H Project are endless. They include:

  • More control to create the life you want.
  • Improved mental and physical wellbeing
  • Greater satisfaction with your current situation
  • More hope about your future
  • Greater trust that all is working out for you
  • More inspired ideas about how to take action, and
  • Deeper appreciation for your place in the world and your ability to make a positive impact

If you’re ready to tap into more freedom right right now, join the 3H Project today!

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While all of this sounds exciting, it’s helpful to understand the roots behind the 3H Project. Each “H” in the 3H Project represents the natural flow of energy when you’re in alignment. And if you’ve been paying attention thus far, alignment = freedom. So in the 3H Program you discover how to amplify each “H” within to make the changes you seek in your life.

Here’s what each “H” stands for:

The first H is your Heart.

The heart is the first of 3H’s because the heart is an incredible organ in the body. Previously it was taught in schools that the heart only responded to signals from the brain. However, recent scientific research proves otherwise.

In fact, the heart is your first responder when it comes to interacting with your environment and it communicates to the brain and body via:

  • Hardwired, neurological pathways
  • Electrical blood pressure waves that are sent micro-seconds ahead of fresh blood
  • Hormone production, including oxytocin and dopamine
  • Bioelectric signals that collect information from the environment

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The second H is your Head.

The second H is your head. It represents how your brain collects and stores information you receive from your heart and your senses. Interestingly enough, like the heart, the brain can produce coherent or incoherent waves. Coherent waves result from being in alignment; incoherent ones are a response to stress.

Learn more about the importance of heart and brain coherence in the 3H Project.

Keep in mind that the brain is the tangible aspect of your head. Yet there’s also a non-physical aspect of it. This is the mind, which interprets the information sent to the brain and takes shape in the thoughts you think.

The third H is your Hands

Your hands represent your ability to take action in life. A common problem is that habitable thoughts get stored in the subconscious mind and cause you to go into autopilot mode. Said another way, once you think a thought, the body tends to run on autopilot.

This is helpful when you want to navigate traffic while drinking your morning coffee and having a conversation with your son in the backseat. The downside of this is that it’s hard to change poor habits or manifest your dreams when inner resistance is present.

That’s why the 3H Project teaches you how to pay attention to the heart and create coherent signals there. This then translates into clear and quick messages that get sent to the brain and interpreted easily by the mind.

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The end result?

You take purposeful, decisive actions in your everyday life that give you more energy, increase your creativity, help you navigate any challenges, and enhance your overall satisfaction in life! Now who doesn’t want all of that?!?


There is a natural flow in the body that sends information from the heart to the head and on to the hands. When you’re in alignment, your heart creates coherent waves that send intelligible information to the head. This provides more freedom of thought, decisiveness of action, and control of your own future. The 3H Project teaches you how to create harmony within this natural flow. And it gives you specific tools to increase your focus so that you can build positive momentum in any area of your life.

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