Yoga is a practice designed to increase your focus, level of consciousness, and overall energy levels. But what about running a yoga business? Do you find your energy is managed well? Do you feel in control? Able to keep yourself and your business thriving? When you understand the three spheres, you will find it much easier to say yes to the questions above.

When I first started out in my yoga career, I absolutely loved the personal changes that were taking place as a result of the time spent on my mat and with others. Yet, I didn’t have the logistical skill set to grow a business.

Thus, I temporarily departed from teaching in order to gain more professional knowledge in marketing and project management. While I flourished in this new space financially, I was constantly stressed. The negative impact from work crept into my personal and spiritual life. No amount of meditating or yoga classes or time traveling for fun could offset my dissatisfaction.

Because I knew about the three spheres below, and am constantly dedicated to finding alignment, I made a new choice. I decided to blend my passion and refined business acumen into the Swagtail site you see here. Now, as I teach yoga classes in person and work with clients all over the world, I do so from a place of balance.

It’s my hope that by understanding the simple concept of the three spheres that you, too, will find the abundant energy, resources, and purpose to keep you fulfilled in running your yoga business.

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On the simplest level, energy is the amount of life force, or prana, that flows through you at any given moment. If prana is free-flowing, you can live a vibrant or expansive life. Or, if cut off from the flow, you might be drained or exhausted. By managing your energy well, you choose which outcome you prefer.

On a practical level, an energy bank account functions similarly to a bank checking account. When you deposit a check into your account, the balance increases. When you make a withdrawal, via check or debit card, your overall balance drops.

If you’re running a yoga business, you know that it’s much better to have a healthy, positive balance. You want there to be more money flowing into that account each month than coming out. And you regularly check the account to make sure the transactions being recorded are accurate. This allows you to know exactly what’s going on with your money so you can be prepared for an emergency and for the future.

You’ll want to do the same with your energy levels.


  • Your life force energy is in constant flux.
  • There are activities, relationships, etc that add energy to your life (think a deposit in your bank account)
  • There are people, places and things that reduce your life energy. This is a withdrawal from your account.
  • Every decision, whether big or small, affects your energy balance.
  • If you keep taking withdrawals from your account (especially without adding more deposits), then you lessen your effectiveness.
  • The goal is to keep as much energy in your account as possible. This gives you the zest, passion, and resources to make the most out of each and every day.
  • The universe if unlimited in nature, and the energy supply you can tap into at any given moment is endless. You just have to make the decisions to refill regularly.

To keep yourself and your yoga business running efficiently and profitably, you can learn to maximize your energy each day. Use the three spheres below to uncover where you’re investing in yourself (and your business) and where you’re making unnecessary withdrawals.

Running a yoga business successfully involves energy management in the three spheres of your life. When you understand how your energy is utilized in these main areas, you can add prana to your life energy bank account through each choice, action, and relationship.

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The three spheres is an easy way to keep track of how your energy is spent in the three most basic realms of your yoga business—the Business (logistical), Personal, and Spiritual Spheres. These areas are like cogs working together. They’re constantly affecting one another and are fueled by your own energy levels.

When personal energy levels are high in each area, your life runs smoothly. You’re able to buoyantly move throughout your day. You feel satisfied when you accomplish your business tasks, and you can fully relax into your personal realm. Conversely, creative boosts from personal time can enhance productivity when checking off your business to-do list. And energy dedicated to the Spiritual Sphere provides the insight and meaning to the experiences of the other two.

Yet problems occur when there is an imbalance. If one sphere becomes too big, it creates imbalances in the other two. The resulting stress can look like chaos, frustration, apathy, or despair.


This might seem like the most obvious place to start since, yes, you are running a yoga business. The business sphere relates to all of the logistical details associated with daily tasks. It also includes any commitment that demands a prompt arrival or requires a specific time frame. Some examples of this can include:

  • Managing money
  • Returning phone calls and emails
  • Staying up to date with web maintenance and social media
  • Cleaning the studio
  • Organizing your schedule
  • Teaching classes
  • Scheduling substitutes
  • Running staff meetings
  • Teacher training prep and grading
  • Hiring and firing employees
  • Relationships with colleagues, affiliates, and boss/employee
  • Checking off other logistics that keep your life operational (such as putting gas in your car or grocery shopping)

This Sphere in balance:

When the Business Sphere is balanced, everything else flows more smoothly. You have a sense of autonomy and control in your life. You are unaffected by the condition or your surroundings. You feel like you have enough time in the day to get the job done. When in balance with the logistical aspects of running your yoga business, you are more patient with unexpected emergencies at the studio or when getting caught in traffic on the way to work with a client.

This Sphere out of balance:

  • You’re running a yoga business efficiently and profitably, but feel like you have no life other than yoga
  • You get irritated when doing tasks within the business sphere
  • Unwanted worry, sleepless nights, or anxiety plague you outside of work
  • You feel burdened by the weight of responsibility

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The personal circle of your life revolves around the activities and relationships that offer joy, peace, and a sense of satisfaction. The activities in this sphere provide a break from the logistical tasks in the business realm. This could look like chillin’ in a hot tub or playing sports with your friends.

When creativity is fostered in the Personal Sphere, the business circle benefits too. Google has a policy where 20 percent of their time on the job, employees can work on whatever they want. This offers autonomy, freedom, and flexibility to tap into each individual’s imagination. Not only do employees get a personal boost of creativity, but the company also benefits with new products, ideas, and inspiration. In fact, about half of Google’s products have come from that 20% time!

What do personal activities look like when running a yoga business?

  • Taking time for your own personal yoga practice
  • Participating in ongoing training programs
  • Trying new yoga workshops
  • Taking new styles of yoga classes
  • Getting a massage, acupuncture, etc
  • Enjoying the company of colleagues and affiliates in a personal, casual setting
  • Establishing hobbies outside of the yoga space

The Personal Sphere in balance:

When the Personal Sphere is balanced, you feel energized by your relationships. You are inspired by the events and situations around you. Time becomes insignificant as you are able to focus on taking care of yourself, enjoying your own company, or utilizing your innate creativity. This creativity can then naturally ooze into your business tasks and keep your energy levels high even through mundane tasks.

If the Personal Sphere out of Balance, you are:

  • Loving yoga, but not making any money
  • Inspired to teach, but unsure about which steps to take next (link to book free call)

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Running a yoga business is unique in the sense that the material you are teaching has ancient spiritual roots already present. This is great because the spiritual provides the foundation for how you run your business and approach your relationships.

While the other two spheres focus on action or DOING, the spiritual circle is all about BEING. It encompasses the values and guiding principles that are used to direct the choices you make, and it is the fertile ground from which all creativity takes shape in your life. You enhance your energy in this sphere by:

  • Sitting still to meditate or pray
  • Moving your way into meditation
  • Reflecting on your life, and broader life concepts
  • Journaling, such as a gratitude journal

The Spiritual Sphere in balance:

Small amounts of time in the Spiritual Sphere can yield incredible amounts of energy in your life. You can notify clarity of purpose, acceptance of yourself and others, and a sense of respect for each person on their own path. Plus, you’ll gain valuable insights as to the bigger picture of your business and your life. Balance in this area colors your everyday existence with positive emotions such as trust and worthiness.

Your Spiritual sphere could be out of balance if you:

  • Feel blissed out, but find it hard to function in the real world of numbers and technology
  • Live a zen life, but your business growth is stagnant


Running a yoga business successfully involves energy management in the three spheres of your life. When you understand how your energy is utilized in these three main areas, you can make as many choices that add prana to your life energy bank account. Doing so adds focus and meaning to each task. It adds depth to your relationships. And, it can line you up with the resources you need to continue the positive expansion of your business.