A recent scientific study shows that on any given day, your brain is bombarded with about 34 GB of data. This would easily overload a powerful laptop within a week. You might not shut down entirely, but you feel less organized, less focused, and far less inspired as a result. That’s why it is so beneficial to step back and see the world–and your life–from the broader perspective. I’m doing this with Swagtail this week. As a result, this post reveals our best yoga blog posts of 2019.

There are other great reasons for categorizing the material I covered this year!

  • You can more easily find a topic that piques your interest. This saves you mental energy and precious time to get what you need from our site.
  • Reflection is a skill that allows you to sustain high levels of success. When you take a look at all you learned here in the past twelve months, you reaffirm your commitment as a yoga professional and can fine tune your path forward.
  • You feel more competent and prepared to start your new year. These articles serve as a great resource to inspire and uplift you, as well as your yoga clients.

So, without further ado, I present to you the best yoga blogs from our site this year!

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10 Ethical Rules of Yoga Business: These 10 ethical rules of yoga business form the foundation for the agreements you make as a yoga professional and the decisions you make on a daily basis.

New Yoga Teacher Checklist: Avoid overwhelm and embrace confidence as you start your yoga business. The simple steps in this new yoga teacher checklist will show you how!

3 Essential Skill Sets to Build a Yoga Business: There are 3 essential skill sets needed to build your yoga business–teaching, managing, and dreaming big. This post covers how to gain these skills now!

Can a Yoga Business put Profit First? Money is a tool that enhances your life and your ability to serve others. This post shares how to use the Profit First system to maximize this resource.

6 Business Metrics to Track your Growth: Use these 6 business metrics to track your progress, make decisions with clarity, and avoid frustration and overwhelm as you grow your yoga business.

How to get Hired at a Yoga Studio: This blog post reveals 5 steps to get hired at a yoga studio–whether you are a recent 200-hr training graduate or seasoned instructor.

Simple Steps to Soundproof Your Studio: Poor sound management can cause frustration and low student attendance. Prevent these problems when you soundproof your yoga space with ideas in this post.


75-min Uplifting Flow: This 75-minute flow sequence uses viloma pranayama to go against the grain of such heavy influences. Instead, you can use this flow to uplift your body, mind, and spirit on a regular basis.

Yin Yoga Sequence After driving: When you log lots of hours on the road, your body can memorize unwanted patterns. This yin yoga sequence after driving can offset those imbalances.

Get Grounded Hatha Sequence: When you take the time to get grounded with this Hatha yoga sequence, your entire being functions at a more optimal level. Get ready, get set, get grounded!

Yin Yoga for Inner Alignment: This slow-paced yin yoga class is a meditative practice that enhances your inner alignment, mental clarity, and connection with the Divine.

Slow flow to Fuel your Energy: This slow flow yoga sequence is a great way to renew your energy. It can be used when you feel overwhelmed in life, or want to get grounded after traveling.

Yin Yoga to Keep Calm during the Holidays: This yin yoga sequence will help you keep calm during the holiday season. It also boosts energy through your liver meridian.


Create a Teacher Onboarding Plan: A yoga teacher onboarding process creates role clarity and job confidence when starting a new position. It also brings more harmony to your entire team.

Keep your Cool with Challenging Clients: Challenging yoga clients can leave you frustrated and energetically drained. Discover communication strategies to keep your cool in these times.

Embrace Tension in a Healthy Way: If you embrace tension as energy to manage instead of a problem to solve, you will have more focus, clarity, and energy in your everyday life. This post shows you how.

How to Build a Strong Team: The owners of The Yoga Shack in Sarasota are dedicated leaders. In this article, they share ways to build a strong team to grow and serve a yoga community.

7 Steps to Select Great Teaching Assistants: Yoga teaching assistants can offset the large workload of workshops and teacher trainings. Use these 7 steps to build the best teaching team possible!

TYC shares ways to Support your Staff: Meghan Ruiz, co-owner of Truckee Yoga Collective, reveals powerful ways to support your staff to increase satisfaction, loyalty, and overall team morale.


Yoga Photo Shoot Preparation Checklist: This yoga photo shoot checklist will guide you through clear steps to take before your next photo shoot–saving you time and energy along the way!

How to Craft a Clear Message for your Yoga Business: Learn how to craft a clear message about your yoga business to get more clients, increase community engagement, and strengthen your yoga brand.

5 Ways to Celebrate Client Birthdays: Celebrate client birthdays by offering a free class or retail discount and give them a gift that extends beyond the mat. This post shows 5 ways to do this!

The Value of Building your Email List: Building an email list can increase your clientele and sales. It’s also a great way to increase your credibility and positive impact in the yoga community!

10 Tips to Craft a Feedback Form: Craft a great feedback form to hear the needs of your yoga students and improve your business at the same time. These 10 tips show you how!


5 Essential Verbal Cues for Clarity: In this post, we reveal 5 essential verbal cues you can use now to increase clarity, trust, and safety in your yoga classes.

Quotes to End a Yoga Class: Inspirational yoga quotes can focus the mind and uplift the heart in savasana. This adds meaning to the practice and has class end on a high note.

Yoga for Golfers: There are numerous ways you can use yoga for golfers to increase their mobility, balance, and power on the golf course. This post shows you how!

Easy Ways to Modify Private Client Lesson Plans: Save time and energy each week when you learn these easy steps to modify private yoga lesson plans for your clients. This blog post shows you how!

Fascia 101; Fun facts for yoga teachers: Fascia provides stability, mobility, and protection for the body. As a yoga teacher, you can use these fun facts to better serve your clients!

20 Fantastic Yoga Class themes: As a yoga teacher, your goal is to create memorable experiences for your students. One powerful way to do this with yoga class themes that focus the mind.


What to Pack for a Yoga Training: Getting ready to expand your yoga knowledge? This post covers exactly what you’ll want to pack for a week-long yoga training.

A Yogi’s Guide to Santa Cruz, CA: Make the most of your next Santa Cruz visit with this detailed list of the best places to practice yoga, satisfy your palate, and adventure outdoors.

The Yoga Shack; A Model for Growth: The Yoga Shack in Sarasota is an inspirational model for growth to yoga teachers and studio owners alike. This post shares their secrets of success.

A Yogi’s Guide to Nashville: Nashville is home to great music, fantastic food, and sweet yoga studios. This guide will help you make the most of your adventure to Music City!

Bella Prana; 5 Tips for Success: Bella Prana Yoga is a hugely successful studio in Tampa, Florida. This blog post shares their top 5 tips for growth, and how you can implement them today!

A Yogi’s Guide to Bend, OR: Our yogi’s guide to Bend Oregon will share tips and insights to uplift your spirit and stoke your passion as a yoga professional when visiting this city!


Your Hand as your Guide to Well-Being: Hands are important during a yoga class. They also serve as a broader guide to wellbeing in your life when off of the mat. This post shows you how!

Maximize your Energy with this Morning Ritual: When you start the day on purpose, you cultivate powerful energy to move you forward in all areas of your life. This morning ritual is what I use to do just this.

Get 1% Better at a Time: In this  article, you’ll discover why getting 1 percent better at a time can lead to amazing results in the long run–in a yoga practice and all areas of life.

Cultivate an Abundance Mindset: Cultivating an abundance mindset is essential to hold the space for student growth, while sustaining high levels of energy and running a profitable yoga business. You’ll learn how to do this here!

Meditation Q&A with Tina Clay: This article shares essential tips to start–or deepen–a formal meditation practice so that more peace, compassion, and freedom can infuse your life.

Allow your Natural Talents to Shine: In the Bhagavad Gita, Krisha teaches Arjuna that it’s best to be true to his gifts. In this article, you’ll discover why your yoga business will benefit when you, too, amplify your strengths.


This has been a fantastic year of learning! And what better way to celebrate that then by looking at the best yoga blogs of 2019! Select the articles above that align most with your current interests. Then, use the time and energy you saved to then put these new ideas into action in your own yoga business!

Take Action Now:

  • Pick 1 or 2 articles above that resonate with you.
  • Read them, for this fuels ongoing learning and builds new neural networks in the brain.
  • Then, select 1 or 2 practical ways to implement them this week. This ensures those new neural networks stay in place–and help you sustain success in the long run!